Woodward Peak 200

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The Peak200 controller is designed to operate small single valve, or single valve rack industrial steam turbines. This cost effective steam turbine controller includes specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect small industrial steam turbines or turboexpanders driving compressors, pumps, or industrial fans.

woodward peak200

New Design based on 505 platform

  • Integrated operator control panel / HMI
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Ethernet and CANopen expandable I/O
  • Bulkhead and panel mount models available
  • Rated for Zone-II based hazardous locations
  • Integrated alarm/trip logging
Upgrading from Peak150 to the new Peak200
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy to customize to meet application specific requirements
  • Long term support

woodward peak200

Peak150 vs. the new Peak200

The new Peak200 controllers include all the same basic functions as Peak150 controllers:

  • Speed control PID
  • Start modes (manual, automatic)
  • Critical speed band
  • Remote speed setpoint (configurable)
  • Overspeed protection & test capability
  • Dual dynamics for speed control
  • Accepts redundant speed sensors
  • User configurable

woodward peak200

New Peak200 Features

  • Graphical HMI
  • Front panel configurability (no hand-held required)
  • Multi-lingual capability (Portuguese on initial release)
  • First-out-trip event latch
  • Trip & alarm logs
  • Real time trending
  • Internal turbine simulator (allows control testing)
  • 1 Process control PID (Cascade PID)
  • 2 Ethernet communication ports
  • 2 CANOpen communication ports
  • Vibration monitoring (with SEC sensors)
  • Bearing temp monitoring (with LinkNet-HT modules)
  • Service tools (RemoteView, Control Assistant)
  • Reduced setpoint overspeed test routine
  • Overspeed protection during start (initial valve limiter setting)

woodward peak200

Options available for the new Peak200

All models include:

Product Manual (English & Portuguese), Service Tool Kit (Computer based software programs), Remotely Configure & Service. Upload/download configuration settings. Monitor saved start and trip trends.

    Power Supply Options
  • Low voltage power supply = 24Vdc (18 32Vdc)
  • High voltage power supply = 88 264Vac (90-150Vdc)

  • Location / Certification Options
  • Ordinary location compliant = North American & CE
  • Hazardous location compliant = N.A. Class 1 Div 2 , ATEX, IECEx

  • Mounting Options
  • Bulkhead mount (Zone 2 rated enclosure)
  • Panel mount (same form & fit as 505 controllers)

  • Auxiliaries
  • LinkNet-HT distributed I/O modules (allows bearing temp & vib monitoring)
  • RemoteView software license (allows use of RemoteView program)
  • Vibration sensor, accelerometer