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Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

Superior Filtration by Mann and Hummel

Spinner II Oil-Cleaning Centrifuges, produced by Mann & Hummel, provide the oil-cleaning power to extend service life and reduce operating costs for every heavy-duty diesel and gas engine.

Spinner II centrifuges remove the most damaging by-products of the combustion process using centrifugal force to spin contaminants out of your oil ? including soot and other particles as small as one-tenth of a micron.

Spinner II Xtreme Cleaning

Xtreme Cleaning with Spinner II Centrifuges from Mann & Hummel:


Doubling Oil Drain Intervals - The Reality of Centrifugal Bypass Filtration.

  • Ultra-fine particle removal reduces wear up to 50%
  • High efficiency maintains additive potency, extends oil life
  • Large capacity extends oil drain and service intervals
  • Oil-cleaning effectiveness extends full-flow filter life
  • Reduced oil and filter consumption cuts waste disposal costs

Spinner Centrifuge Applications

Benefits of the Spinner II Oil-Cleaning Centrifuge

Spinner II Centrifuge Models

  • 25

    Spinner 25

    Processes up to 0.8 gpm (3.0l/min), Holds up to 250cc of contaminants.

  • 200 HD

    Spinner 200 HD

    Processes up to 4.0 gmp (15.1l/min), Holds up to 2000cc of contaminants.

  • 560 HE

    Spinner 560 HE

    Replaceable rotor, Holds up to 500cc of contaminats.

  • 996

    Spinner 996

    Processes up to 2.0 gmp (7.6l/min), Holds up to 900cc of contaminants.

  • 3600

    Spinner 3600

    Processes up to 16.0 gpm (60.6 l/min), Holds up to 6.000 cc of contaminants.

  • CS Cleanable Screen

    Spinner CS Cleanable Screen

    Spinner II CS (centrifuge / screen) systems combine a Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuge with a full-flow.