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Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression,
and Power Factor Correction

PowerGUARD™ is an inductive reactor that combines the benefits of lightning protection, surge suppression and power factor correction. It consists of magnetic chokes which act as a 60 HZ band pass filter that continuously and automatically increase savings on oil, gas or other fossil fuels. Reduce plant shut downs due to nuisance tripping of breakers caused by poor power quality. Protect your facility against the damaging effects of poor power quality.

PowerGUARD™ System - Protection That Pays:

  • Improved Power Quality- better balanced voltage and amperage and reduced harmonics
  • Protection against spikes, surges and lightning - ETL rated 20,000 amps Type 2 SPD
  • Improved Power Factor
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Extend equipment life


POM PowerGUARD Selected to join
Broward County's Green Showcase.



PowerGUARD™ is an energy solution that does much more than capacitor,

harmonic filters or TVSS systems.

Product Features PowerGUARD™ Capacitors Harmonic Filters TVSS
Lighting Protection    
Surge Protection    
Reduces Harmonics    
Helps Maintain Constant Voltage    
Continuously and Automatically improves Power Factor      
No Resonant Frequency  
Reduces kWh