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Dynalco Speed Sensors

Dynalco magnetic pickups are the most rugged and reliable sensors available ? built to handle the harshest industrial applications. Applications include speed sensing, counting, timing, synchronization, direction sensing and proximity.

Dynalco Speed Sensors


This intrinsically-safe, magnetic Dynalco pickup has an explosion proof housing which makes it ideal for hazardous environments. It has a medium reach (3.125 inches), and 3/4-20 inch thread. It is UL/CSA approved for standard temperature and includes leads.


The low output of this Dynalco magnetic pickup makes it intrinsically safe and CSA approved for use in hazardous areas. It has a standard reach (2.25 inches) and a 5/8- 18 inch thread. Most CSA- certified pickups retain that approval only when used as part of a specific certified system or assembly.


This magnetic Dynalco pickup can power other instruments. It has a high sensitivity which makes it good for low speed (<300 rpm), larger gear (>2 inch diam.) applications. It has a long reach (5.125 inches), a 3/4-16 thread and is CSA approved.