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Woodward Steam Turbine Control Upgrades

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Integrated Retrofit Cabine


5009 Steam Turbine Control Retrofit

Retrofit of an existing speed governing system with a Woodward 5009 TMR control.  The 5009 TMR is a triple modular redundant control system, providing state-of-the-art turbine control. more


505DE Steam Turbine Retrofit


505DE Steam Turbine Control Retrofit

Retrofit of an earlier generation Woodward 501 digital control with a current 505DE digital control at co-gen facility at a state university. more


Integrated Turbine Control System


Integrated Turbine Control System on GE 12MVA

An integrated turbine control, comprised of a complex set of independent modules, was retrofitted on a 12 MVA GE generator to replace the original mechanical-hydraulic control system. more


Woodward Speed Control


Atlas-SC Upgrade on Mitsubishi Turbine

An Atlas-SC single extraction steam turbine control was custom engineered for 1 off Mitsubishi extraction steam turbine. The Atlas-SC replaced an obsolete digital Woodward 515 control system and added functionality via customized ModBus interfacing with the DCS system. more


Integrated Turbine Control


Double Auto Induction Steam Turbine on Westinghouse M32

A new control system was designed for a Double Auto Induction Steam Turbine on a Westinghouse M32 double inlet, controlled back pressure turbine, coupled to a Westinghouse hydrogen cooled synchronous generator, running at 3600rpm and producing 10.3MW. more


Speed Control


505 + TM25 Upgrade on GE 10MW

GE 10 MW steam generator analog control system and generator controls were upgraded because the old equipment was obsolete, resulting in high maintenance costs. more




505DE Redundant Steam Turbine Control on Dresser Rand 30MW

This project was an upgrade of an existing Woodward 505 Control System on a Dresser Rand 30MW steam control at a paper mill. The new system was a redundant 505DE (Single Extraction) control. more




Condensing Steam Turbine Control System on Westinghouse 44.5MW

A Westinghouse turbine with an electrical rating of 44.5MW was upgraded at a coal power utility in Panama. The upgrade was considered because the turbine had poor control response, was hard to adjust and expensive to service and maintain. more




Single Extraction Steam Turbine Control on Dresser Rand

At a paper mill the prime mover was a Dresser Rand controlled single extraction, back-pressure turbine. GCS was contracted to provide a new digital turbine governing system. more


Woodward 505 Control


Woodward 5009 TMR Upgrade on GE Nuovo Pignone Turbine

A Woodward 505 and a Woodward CPC (Current to Pressure Converter) were upgraded on the Hydrogen Recycle Compressor at a refinery. more





Double Auto Extraction Steam Turbine Control on a GE

The Woodward 505DE is a standard controller designed for a GE double auto extraction steam turbine generator. It utilizes the time proven MicroNet hardware with application specific software. more



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